Specialized in precision machining that is milling, turning and bar turning, CYLINDRE SAS answers to all demands for manufactured pieces meant to integrate complete equipment in high-tech sectors.

Based in Damparis (French Jura) the specialized company CYLINDRE is manufacturing pieces in any possibly machinable material. Its modern and top-performing machinery equipment is combined to an efficient, responsive operational structure and a highly skilled team of expert advisors.

CYLINDRE SAS is a French subsidiary of the Swiss group DIXI, founded in 1904 and expert in machining and micro-techniques since over 100 years.

Your partner in precision machining

Quality, extra finish and regularity

Whether for small or large series, customers are looking for impeccable quality, perfect finish and steadiness in the production of their pieces. CYLINDRE SAS perfectly meets those requirements by combining sound human skills with production means to the forefront of technology and an efficient process department.


Mastered know-hows

Equipped with machinery for milling, turning and bar turning to the forefront of technology, CYLINDRE SAS is expert in manufacturing precision pieces with great added value...

CYLINDRE SAS has at its disposal a machinery equipment dedicated to milling pieces (maximum 500 x 500 mm) and turning pieces (maximum diameter 65 mm bar and 150 mm chuck).

The company is performing 200'000 hours/year machining.


The crucial backup of process department

Within the frame of both the customer's requirements and industrial standards, our process department is efficiently acting before production to guarantee optimal quality and restrained prices. This phase of analysis of the customer's demand, willing to determine the most appropriate equipment for it, is carried out with the utmost accuracy at CYLINDRE SAS.


Exactness in every move

Quality of finish is one of the most important aspects for the customers. The specialized team is carrying out an accurate deflashing of all pieces that require manual abrasion of the tiniest excess of material. CYLINDRE SAS also has at its disposal vibratory barrelling equipment units that perfectly refine the surface of the piece and ensure flawless polishing.

Regularity and extra finish for resistant pieces


Cylindre, partner of aeronautics and aerospace

CYLINDRE SAS is a reference partner in the fields of aeronautics and aerospace (connectors for aircraft equipment, multi-contact, telecommunications, guidance equipment, precision elements for onboard systems, hydraulic components...).

Its mastery of high-speed machining allows to produce series of complex pieces with reproductible reliability.

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Responsiveness and know-how for reliable pieces


Cylindre, partner of civil and military Defense

CYLINDRE SAS, expert in precision mechanics, works in confidence and a very responsive way with Defense industrials. Its know-how in machining specific, highly technical pieces, allows the company to meet the liability requirements of the military, transport, nuclear fields, etc.

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Liability and mastery for tailor-made pieces


Cylindre, partner of multisectoral industry

CYLINDRE SAS meets the requirements of high-precision domains and offers a range of complete services intended for varied industrial sectors such as metrology equipment, luxury industry, electrical components, microwave, pieces of micro-motors for instrumentation and automation systems...

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Accuracy and innovation for precision pieces


Cylindre, partner of innovative sectors

In a world where research and innovation go hand in hand, CYLINDRE SAS offers to its customers partnership and highly technological specific developments. Traceability, reproductibility, perfection, are perfectly suited for this field of activity based on rigor and exactness.

Manufacturer of components and laboratory equipment, partner of INRA (French National Institute for Research on Food) through InoviaFlow, CYLINDRE SAS takes up position in pioneer domains, in perfect harmony with its own philosophy.

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Our success depends on the talent of passionate people who set up our teams. You are motivated to learn and evolve in an exacting domain, where the human element is at the core of our improvement? Let’s meet!

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Tout l'agenda de nos salons de l'industrie 2020 !

Les équipes Cylindre seront présentes sur plusieurs salons de l’industrie et des microtechniques en 2020. Retrouvez-nous :
- du 28 au 30 janvier sur le salon INDUSTRIE GRAND OUEST au Parc des expositions de Nantes
- du 31 mars au 3 avril à l’incontournable MIDEST, salon international des savoir-faire en sous-traitance industrielle, au Parc des expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte
- du 21 au 24 avril au SIAMS, salon des moyens de production microtechniques, à Moutier en Suisse
- du 22 au 25 septembre à MICRONORA, salon international des microtechniques et de la précision, à Micropolis Besançon.
Clients, fournisseurs, futurs partenaires, nous vous accueillerons avec plaisir sur notre stand, pour parler ensemble de nos dernières innovations.

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